Apartment Hacks: Home Sweet Home in Wauwatosa Village

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If you have moved into a new place, you know the feeling of it just not feeling like yours right away. There are simple things you can do to make your home feel more like yours. You know that smell your childhood home had? The comforting feeling you get when you walk into your Grandparents' house? The happiness you felt when you get back into your home after a vacation? This can all be what helps to shape your home and bring you comfort and peace.

The First Impression

A welcoming front porch or front step area can make such a difference. A simple and cute thing to do is layer rugs. Take a bigger, thinner rug and place a thicker rug over it like this. It is also nice to add a pretty and seasonal wreath to your door as well as some welcoming plants or flowers which can be real or fake. Some of the fake plants they have out now are easiest because the don’t need to be watered and can be changed out as the seasons in Wauwatosa change.

The Gathering Space

Throw pillows in you're living room can change the feel of the house. Many companies have great throw pillow slip covers now so you can change them out when you feel you need a new look. Also a nice area rug can brighten up your space and make things feel more warm and cozy. Adding your own touches with decor will make this space yours.

Putting things on the walls makes a big difference and now with command strips, you don’t need to worry about putting holes in the wall for things you aren’t so sure on. The command strips are awesome because you can hang items easily but if it is not in the right spot moving them is just as easy.

Changing with the Seasons

Adding simple touches during holidays and new seasons can be more inviting too. Here in Wauwatosa, we have four major seasons; fall, winter, spring, and summer. Common fall items are pumpkins, gourds, leaves and plaid. Winter here in Wisconsin can bring all different weather but you won’t go wrong with snowflakes, snowmen, greens and pinecones. Spring means bringing color back and pastels are popular along with tulips and magnolia leaves to help bring life back after the gloom of winter. Summer means bold colors, fruit, fresh flowers, and some American flags. 

Storage and Organization

It is best to store items in an organized way so that they are easy to pull out when you want to change things up. Buy some rubbermaid buckets and tissue paper. Store items according to seasons. Label each bucket with the items that are inside so when you go to pull them out you know exactly what you are opening. 

Making your apartment feel more like your home can be easy and something you can do slowly and add to as you find the right things for your home. Simple touches to change the space into your own will bring you the comfort and peace you need from your home. 

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