Community Spotlight: Electric Scooters in Wauwatosa

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With the ever evolving change in technology, along came electric scooters. Electric scooters have been around for some time now but most recently have been approved for the Wauwatosa area. The city passed an ordinance in September related to the operation of dockless electric scooters.

Electric Scooter Law

Under the new law in Wauwatosa, the electric scooters will fall under the mobility devices categories. The scooters can be ridden on the streets and must follow all traffic laws, they also may use the bike lane and are allowed on multi use pathways. 

Electric scooters are not permitted on sidewalks and must be parked out of a walkway or in a bike rack when they are not in use. They have a maximum speed limit of 15 miles per hour.

Wauwatosa does not have an agreement with a scooter company at this time so you will not find scooters available to rent in the city, you are however allowed to rent a scooter in Milwaukee and drive it into Wauwatosa.

Once you are finished with it you can leave it in Wauwatosa for pickup, the rental companies are aware the scooters can not be left in the city overnight so must be picked up, if the are not picked up the police can impound them and it could cost the scooter companies $100 to retrieve them. 

How to Rent

Electric scooter rentals are fairly new to the Milwaukee area also. Milwaukee signed an agreement with Lime, in July, which allowed 500 electric scooters to be available. In August Milwaukee signed agreements with 2 other companies, Bird and Spin. Between all 3 companies there are 1050 total scooters available for rent right now.

When you find an electric scooter you would like to rent you will need to download the appropriate companies app, then scan a barcode on the scooter and pay the rental fee. It typically will cost $1 for a rent fee and then a set amount per minute of riding time. The scooters battery life is monitored by the company and they are in charge of coming to pick up a scooter when it needs to be recharged.

Electric Scooter Safety

To rent an electric scooter you must be 18 years old. All traffic laws, street signs and crosswalk rules need to be followed.

There is only one rider allowed per scooter, you need to use both hands while riding, do not wear headphones so you can be aware of what is going on around you and it is also highly recommend you wear a helmet. Fewer cars on the roadways and more use of the bike lanes can help increase safety.

We are pleased to see new and innovating ideas coming to our community here at The Reserve at Wauwatosa Village and are happy our residents are able to experience them. Electric scooter rentals fit right in with our resort-style living. 

Stop in to see our beautiful living options,  call us at (414) 475-7700 to schedule a tour or find us online.

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